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The February 11, 1965, issue of Kohler People may have been printed in black and white, but the story was quite colorful. Fifty years ago, Kohler introduced a new trend in plumbing fixtures—the accent color.

Kohler pastel bathroom 1920s

1920s Kohler Pastel Bathroom

Since the 1920s, Kohler had been producing fixtures in an assortment of pastel colors, but it was not until 1965 that they unveiled five bold hues to be used as accents—Espresso, Jade, Citron, Blueberry and Antique red.

Kohler Accent Colors - Espresso and Antique Red

Kohler Accent Colors – Espresso and Antique Red

According to the newsletter, “The introduction of Accent colors comes at a time when decorators are using much deeper colors and more striking combinations of colors than ever … Kohler Co. is the first to find a way to fit plumbing fixture into that trend.”

Kohler History_coloured fittings

Kohler first introduced colour into the bathroom 50 years ago

And even today, Kohler continues to lead the way with it’s bold and innovative design. Watch this space to find out what we’re launching next …

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