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The Kohler path to sustainability

The Kohler path to sustainability

The recent 97th PGA Championship, held at Kohler’s stunning Whistling Straits course, showcased to the world the company’s long-held commitment to sustainability.

Morning glory at Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin.

Morning glory at Whistling Straits, Kohler, Wisconsin.

Five pillars of Sustainability were encompassed in the course during the Championship, these being: Maintenance, Irrigation, Concessions and Food Service, On-site Transportation and Waste recycling.


Maintenance – particularly in the form of irrigation – is limited to only the fairways, greens and tees, leaving the hardy Fescue grass unmowed and in its natural state beyond the fairway.

Major maintenance happens in the early hours at the Whistling Straits course.

Major maintenance happens in the early hours at the Whistling Straits course.


Irrigation is designed to conserve water with electronic sensors used to measure the moisture of the soil under the greens and tees. This way irrigation is fine-tuned to only those areas in need – and water is conserved.

Concessions and food service

All food and beverages are locally sourced with the food vendor committed to responsible food sourcing, reduced food waste and environmentally friendly serving ware.

On Site transportation

On-site travel relies on 55-passenger motor coaches that are fuel efficient and limit the carbon footprint of each event. The large capacity coaches also reduce the number of individual shuttle trips.

An early start on the course.

An early start on the course.

Waste recycling

All waste was processed via recycling containers placed throughout the course and when full, taken to designated sorting locations. Cleaning products were certified safe and non-harmful by Green Seal and the EPA.

Sustainable development has become a corporate mantra for the Kohler Company (and its global manufacturing plants). The company began its journey to Net Zero in 2008 with the global goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Bathroom essentials … choosing a countertop basin

Bathroom essentials … choosing a countertop basin

Countertop basins tick all the right boxes for many of us – you can choose from understated, statement piece or refreshing pop of pattern or texture – it really can be the defining point of any bathroom.

The Conical Bell Vessels basin is a beautiful, on-trend countertop basin. Reminiscent of washbasins of past eras, its simple lines and curves suit both classical and contemporary style suites.

Kohler's Conical Bell Vessels Basin with the Cuff Tall Basin Mixer

Kohler’s Conical Bell Vessels Basin with the Cuff Tall Basin Mixer

An Artist Edition version of the Conical Bell Vessels basin features the Empress Bouquet Design. A perfect example of eye-catching pattern, the brilliant detailing is a modern interpretation of 18th century Chinese print work.  Its delicate floral motif features gold and metallic highlights and works beautifully with some of Kohler’s new PVD finish tapware in rose gold.

Conical Bell Vessels Basin - Empress Bouquet

Conical Bell Vessels Basin with Empress Bouquet

For those seeking an understated approach the elegant Forefront series of basins come in a range of shapes to suit any vanity top.

The Forefront rectangular countertop basin offers generous space, integrated counter top and clean lines.  It can be installed with either wall or bench/hob mounted taps.

Forefront Rectangular basin

Kohler’s Forefront rectangular basin

The Forefront square basin’s clean, minimalist lines and graceful curves make the basin a perfect choice for classical or contemporary bathrooms that will stand the test of time.

Bathroom products taps - Stance tall basin mixer tap

Forefront square counter-top basin with Stance tall basin mixer

And for a truly striking piece that will set the scene for any bathroom, check out the Antilia Wading Pool.  Comprising a thick, concave, rectangular slab of cast glass this iconic piece gives the impression of being formed over decades of sitting beneath a never ending waterfall.  And while its subtly rippled surface gives the sense of a time worn piece its beautiful light-reflective form gives a very modern day sense of the shifting fluidity of nature.

Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Nature’s Chemistry – Kohler’s stunning Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin with Purist Basin Mixer

Choosing the showerhead that’s right for you

Choosing the showerhead that’s right for you

Today there are so many water delivery options to choose from. Whether it’s gentle mist, a virtual deluge or if you want to shower out loud with music, leading global bathroomware innovator Kohler has a range of showerheads to suit your changing moods and needs.

Single function showerheads

If an easy to operate showerhead with incredible spray coverage is all you need, then a single function showerhead is the perfect choice.

The popular Rain Can showerheads feature Katalyst technology, delivering a thoroughly drenching shower experience. Using air induction technology, the showerhead infuses water with air to create complete coverage with a powerful, indulgent spray.

Kohler RainCan showerhead

Classically contemporary. Why have only one showerhead when you can have 6 or 7? The Kohler RainCan showerhead features centrestage.

Another alternative is the award-winning, music playing Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth technology. Showering will never be the same again once you’ve experienced the Moxie’s surprisingly extensive water coverage – coupled with your own personal showering playlist!

Kohler's Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead with wireless speaker pairs to any device

Kohler’s Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead with wireless speaker pairs to any device

Multifunction showerheads

Multifunction showerheads were designed to respond to your changing showering needs. Whether it’s an invigorating early morning shower, a relaxing evening shower or a massaging shower for any time of the day, the multifunction showers offer something for everyone.

Kohler’s Flipside – the only multifunction showerhead to feature Flipstream® technology – delivers four distinct sprays, each with its own dedicated sprayface. The showerhead spins easily ensuring you find a spray that suits your needs.

Kohler Flipside

Flipside: Four unique sprays – one flip action


Handshowers are a very popular choice with families and make a great alternative to wall or ceiling mounted showerheads. To enhance the functionality in your shower, install on a slide rail or bracket to accommodate a range of heights for all the family.
The Flipside or Omega are multifunction showerheads – offering the best of both worlds.

Rainheads and Bodysprays

Another unique option is Kohler rainheads and bodysprays – including WaterTile. Offering a range of hydrotherapy experiences, bodysprays can be positioned on the wall whilst the rainheads utilise the same Katalyst spray technology to deliver full, heavy water drops for a thoroughly drenching shower.

Kohler Watertiles

Kohler Watertiles – Showering panel, showerhead and panels

Kohler Watertile

Kohler’s Watertile body sprays

Kohler showerheads are WELS Rated 3 Star, delivering less than 9 litres per minute.