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Kohler Co has brought its passion for the arts to our local region with the KOHLER Bold. Art. Exhibition – a visual feast of works from artists throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Having invested in the recognition of both established and emerging artists for more than 40 years – in particular with its own residency programme in Wisconsin that has so far hosted more than 500 artists – Kohler has chosen to highlight the wealth of artistic talent in our own Asia Pacific region with the KOHLER Bold. Art. Exhibition. This year’s theme is Multiculturalism.

About the Multiculturalism theme

In the digitally connected world, people migrate, live in foreign countries and cultures, merge and demerge. Cultural and ethical boundaries dissolve, merge or pull apart to create a multicultural hot pot.

The travelling art exhibition, showcasing work from 13 artists across the region, opened in Shanghai and from there moved to Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. It is set to open in Taiwan on Tuesday, April 25.

These unique pieces of art, curated especially for this exhibition, reflect multicultural trends influencing daily lives and society in thought-provoking ways over the whole spectrum.

Australian artist features at Bold. Art.

Australia’s Oliver Tanner, artist and designer, is a graduate of Sydney’s National Art School and was chosen as our home-grown talent, showcasing his artwork at the Taiwan event. His sculpture “Interwoven” is a representation of multiculturalism in Australia and the interconnected nature of its communities.

Oliver Tanner from Sydney

Artists from China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates express their views and feelings about multiculturalism through their artwork.

Bold. Art. Shanghai exhibition earlier this year.

Watch this space for more on Bold. Art.

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