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Marble, in all its many forms, is once again the hero of interiors. From bench tops and flooring to vanities and even bedlinen, the delicate striations of marble are gracing all aspects of our interiors. Kohler’s latest introduction – the beautiful Carrara marble Botticelli marble basin – is a stand out.

Named after the Florentine renaissance artist the Botticelli is hand-formed from a single piece of Carrara marble – so no two basins are exactly the same.

A beautifully formed circular vessel, the Botticelli is from the Artist Editions collection, has a 550mm diameter, 110mm height and features a wide, rolled rim that brings sculptural drama to the bathroom.

The finely honed Carrara marble is utterly smooth to the touch – no ridges, indentations or blemishes. It really is a work of art in its own right.

Designed to sit atop a vanity – marble, granite or timber for example – the Botticelli marble basin can be used with either bench mount or wall mounted tapware.

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