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Bathing in the luxury of space …

Freestanding baths are still very much on trend, with homeowners coveting the sense of style and luxury they bring to the bathing space. Choice is now extensive, in size, style and material, but the decisive factor is space – and having enough of it!

For those with a little less space than they would like, some of the leading bathroom brands have added more compact freestanding models to their range – along with true home spa technologies such as BubbleMassage.

Kohler’s extensive range of freestanding baths delivers on choice in terms of shape, finish and size – along with customisable BubbleMassage models that create thousands of bubbles filled with warm air to massage and support the entire body. Sizes in baths range from 1672mm to 1838mm in length (and with a lot more in between).

The brand’s most compact freestanding bath is the beautiful Lithocast Aliento – a bold rectangular shape with arching corners that measures 1672mm x 914mm wide.

Kohler Aliento Lithocast

The stunning Aliento Lithocast will be the statement piece of any bathroom.

Lithocast is a high grade matte finish acrylic that has the look and feel of a finely honed stone. It also keeps the water warmer for longer. The Abrazo Lithocast bath, which is a total contrast in shape sporting soft organic curves reminiscent of a nautilus shell, is another more compact option measuring just 1676mm x 800mm.

Kohler Abrazo Bath

Unwind in style in the Abrazo Lithocast bath.

If space is no problem then the strikingly angular design of the Askew is a true statement piece! Resembling three plinths, stacked, but slightly askew, the Askew – at 1838mm x 878mm – offers indulgent luxury in stand out style.

Kohler Askew Bath

Or opt for a modern bath style with a truly unique, show-stopping shape… Askew.

Cast iron is a popular choice for baths, not least because of its sense of heritage and craftsmanship. Kohler’s Reve is no different but is a very modern take on the concept featuring sculptural lines, deep profile and linear shape. Its 700mm length is a mid point in the size stakes.

Kohler Reve Bath

A bath full of classical styling and character – the Reve Cast Iron.

And for those preferring a lighter weight and moulded interiors, Kohler has a number of premium freestanding baths in a variety of shapes and sizes – from the Japanese-inspired Escale (in oval and rectangular shape) at 1775mm to the clean, very contemporary lines of the Evok (oval and rectangular shape available) bath at 1700mm length.

The Evok and Escale models offer yet another level to the spa experience with the option of BubbleMassage technology. This is the modern take on home spa baths whereby thousands of bubbles, filled with warm air, are released from virtually invisible holes around the lower inner perimeter of the bath. These bubbles gently support and massage the entire body, although the intensity of the bubbles, and the zones they target can be completely customised.

Evok Oval BubbleMassage bath – complete aaaahhhh!

Visit a Kohler showroom near you for more details.

The ultimate in bathroom luxury – Freestanding baths

The ultimate in bathroom luxury – Freestanding baths

The ultimate statement piece for any bathroom, space permitting, would have to be the freestanding bath. Available in a choice of high grade acrylic or cast iron, today’s freestanding versions come in a choice of shapes and styles with or without relaxing, soothing BubbleMassage technology.

For the most contemporary look the new generation Lithocast freestanding baths come in a choice of bold plinth-like shapes such as the Askew; the seductive curves of the Abrazo; or the pared back lines of the Aliento. Made from a high grade cast acrylic, Lithocast has a matte finish and honed stone appearance.

Lithocast freestanding bath - Abrazo

Kohler’s bold Lithocast bath – Abrazo

The Reve cast iron freestanding bath is a complete contrast to the Lithocast – a modern take on the traditional bath this design showcases Kohler’s hand-applied enamelling process and sophisticated design skills. Generous proportions (1700mm x 800mm) are complemented by faceted lines, wider back ledge for generous storage of bathing products and elevated plinth to increase the architectural statement of the piece.

The stunning Reve Cast Iron Freestanding bath

The stunning Reve Cast Iron Freestanding bath

The sculptural lines of the Escale freestanding acrylic bath are not the only attraction of this spacious bath – it also offers the option of BubbleMassage technology. Cleverly concealed air jets, positioned around the lower perimeter of the interior, release thousands of bubbles filled with warm air that massage and support the entire body. An electronic control allows the user to choose from a gently blissful massage to an all over invigorating spa treatment.

Baths - Escale Freestanding Bath

The curvaceous Escale Freestanding Bath

The Evok acrylic bath offers a wealth of choice – oval or rectangular profile, with or without BubbleMassage technology, and optional bath pillow in charcoal. Just add water – and relax!

The statement piece -  Evok Rectangular Freestanding bath

The statement piece –
Evok Rectangular Freestanding bath