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A day in Kohler history … 100 years since breaking ground at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin

At the turn of the 20th century, many Kohler Co. associates immigrated to the U.S. in search of a better life. Leaving behind their homeland and families, these men didn’t speak English and rented unsuitable houses just to make ends meet.

Kohler history

Workers at the Kohler factory in the early 20th century – many of them immigrants from Europe.

Walter J. Kohler Sr., President of Kohler Co., envisioned an elaborate establishment for these associates that would not only provide affordable accommodations, but would create a support system for the immigrant workers so they could thrive both personally and professionally.
On May 17, 1917, builders broke ground on this vision. The construction of The American Club® would forever change the physical and ideological landscape of the Village of Kohler and Kohler Co.

Located across from the factory gates, the building would include bedrooms, dining areas for daily meals, reading rooms, a tap room, barber shop and bowling alley. While its future residents would live there to save money, they also would participate in English grammar, civic and citizenship classes.
But it was more than a dormitory. According to Walter himself, “The name ‘American Club’ was decided upon as it was thought that, with high standards of living and clean healthful recreation, it would be a factor in inculcating in the men of foreign
antecedents a love for their adopted country.”

The American Club opened in June 1918 and was quickly filled with more than 250 hopeful associates dreaming of a new and better life. One hundred years after its groundbreaking, The American Club continues to emulate gracious living to those who enter its doors. Transformed into a five-diamond resort in 1981, the spirit and courage of those who dared to charter the unknown will always remain a part of its legacy.

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50 years ago – Kohler makes a colourful introduction

50 years ago – Kohler makes a colourful introduction

The February 11, 1965, issue of Kohler People may have been printed in black and white, but the story was quite colorful. Fifty years ago, Kohler introduced a new trend in plumbing fixtures—the accent color.

Kohler pastel bathroom 1920s

1920s Kohler Pastel Bathroom

Since the 1920s, Kohler had been producing fixtures in an assortment of pastel colors, but it was not until 1965 that they unveiled five bold hues to be used as accents—Espresso, Jade, Citron, Blueberry and Antique red.

Kohler Accent Colors - Espresso and Antique Red

Kohler Accent Colors – Espresso and Antique Red

According to the newsletter, “The introduction of Accent colors comes at a time when decorators are using much deeper colors and more striking combinations of colors than ever … Kohler Co. is the first to find a way to fit plumbing fixture into that trend.”

Kohler History_coloured fittings

Kohler first introduced colour into the bathroom 50 years ago

And even today, Kohler continues to lead the way with it’s bold and innovative design. Watch this space to find out what we’re launching next …