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The Katalyst for change in showering technology

Advanced water technology means we can all indulge in a drenching, luxurious, all-enveloping shower safe in the knowledge we are using less water than ever when showering!

Kohler, the US global design force in bathroom design and technology, is the brand behind the patented Katalyst showering technology.

A reconfigured sprayface and an air-injection mechanism create a super-indulgent ‘rainshower’ experience whereby the user receives even, wide coverage, without any wasteful overspray, regardless of the water pressure.

Katalyst showering - Exhale

The Exhale Showerhead offers 4 different shower spray options to suit your mood.

Katalyst technology introduces 2.2 litres of air into every 9.4 litres of water creating larger, fuller water droplets that retain heat longer**.

The fullness and force of the water spray emulates that of a heavy rain shower, courtesy in part to the redesign of the nozzles – larger diameter, different configuration and revised angle.

Kohler Rain Duet

Kohler’s Katalyst showering technology delivers luxurious, plump water droplets that retain the heat for longer.

The unique patented technology of Katalyst results in a better cleaning and hair rinsing performance – and an overall indulgent, luxurious experience.

And while the technology is high performance there are no visible changes to the showerhead’s exterior and no extra noise.

Katalyst showering - Exhale

The Exhale Shower comes with 4 different shower spray options – from Silk Spray for a gentle face wash to Drenching for a full showering experience.


Kohler Moxie Katalyst

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker also sports Katalyst Air Injected Technology.

Kohler’s Katalyst rainshower experience is available in a number of showering tapware options – wall and ceiling mounted showerheads plus showering columns.

Kohler Katalyst RainDuet

The Katalyst RainDuets come with Round or Square Rain Showerheads


Katalyst RainCan

The Kohler Katalyst RainCans come in square or round and two sizes – 200mm or 250mm.


Katalyst Moxie Showerhead

The Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes in 2 sizes – 125mm and 250mm

** Independent studies have shown each droplet is half a degree warmer as a result of Katalyst technology.

Awaken the senses with Kohler’s new advanced action slide shower …

Advanced action, wide coverage slide showers are just the latest in technology-driven features in the bathroom – and the Awaken Slide Shower ticks all those boxes.

Kohler, US global innovator in bathroom design, has released a multifunction slide shower that delivers wide coverage while minimising over-spray, and features enhanced targeted spray patterns.

Kohler Awaken Slide Shower

The Awaken Slide Shower with organic shaped showerhead.

Awaken is a slide shower with clean, architectural lines and a beautifully sculpted shower head that is geometric in appearance.

Kohler Awaken Slide Shower

The geometric inspired sprayface on the Awaken Slide Shower.

Powered by an advanced spray engine, the Awaken slide shower delivers the signature experience that sets Kohler showering apart. Users can select from three spray patterns accessed by a simple-slide tab on the showerhead.

Choose from an all encompassing spray with wide coverage for everyday use.

Kohler Awaken slide shower

Awaken Slide shower’s drenching spray.

For soapy hair-rinsing, when a more intense, drenching spray is required there is a more forceful setting.

Kohler Awaken slide shower

Awaken Slide Shower

And for those with sore muscles or in need of some rejuvenation, the targeted mode, with a more powerful stream of water is the perfect antidote.

Kohler Awaken slide shower

Awaken Slide shower targeted spray action.

The entire surface of Awaken’s 110mm diameter spray face is covered in spray nozzles and features a finish that is easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Kohler polished chrome bathroom products, including its slide showers, benefit from a special finish that resists corrosion and tarnishing.

Click here to see the Awaken slide shower in action.

Introducing Kohler’s new EXHALE Slide Shower … enjoy the deluge!

Inspired by the delicate appearance of the Dahlia flower, the Exhale multifunction Slide Shower delivers a signature showering experience with a choice of four spray patterns designed to indulge, rejuvenate and calm the mind and body.

 Showering tapware - Exhale

Taking advantage of the very latest innovations in engineering, actuation and sprays, Exhale’s four spray patterns, from one showerhead, ensure a therapeutic and cleansing experience, including:

  • Full Coverage (large luxurious drops)
  • Drenching Rain (exhilarating, drenching circular water pattern)
  • Massage (targets specific parts of the body to revitalize and soothe)
  • Silk Spray (soft, silky drops that are gentle on pets, children and sensitive skin).

The spray pattern is adjusted simply by rotating the spray face.

Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction technology cleverly increases the volume of the water-experience while actually reducing water consumption. By injecting air into the water flow the size of the droplets is increased, creating the perception of larger, fatter, more plentiful water drops.

Showering tapware - Exhale

The new Exhale Showering Tapware

Durability and longevity is key to Kohler’s design ethos and the Exhale doesn’t disappoint. The spray face features a unique silicone surface with rub-clean nozzles that ensure any mineral deposits are easily wiped away. The polished chrome finish is both corrosion and tarnish-resistant.

The Kohler Exhale Slide Shower, which is also available in a Shower Rose option (again with Katalyst technology) uses a maximum of 9 litres of water a minute and has a 3 star WELS rating.


The Exhale Shower Rose.


The Exhale Slide Shower

Technology the Katalyst for water savings

Technology the Katalyst for water savings

Kohler, one of the world’s largest bathroom specialists, is on track to achieve its Net Zero carbon footprint by 2035 – a programme that promotes sustainability while delivering innovative new products to our bathrooms.

The company’s 50 manufacturing plants, spread across six continents, have each reduced carbon emissions and solid waste by 3% per annum since 2008 but it is probably the planet-conscious products we are now seeing in our bathrooms that are attracting the most attention.

Kohler’s toilets have reduced their water usage from 37 litres a flush in the 1930s to 4.5/3 litres in today’s dual flush models. More exciting – in terms of both aesthetics and experience – are the new Katalyst showerheads using Kohler’s patented air induction technology.

Katalyst showerheads cleverly inject air into the water flow – so each droplet of water feels bigger and performs better. By introducing one litre of air to every five litres of water the user feels as though they are having a drenching shower – and in the process enjoys all the associated soothing and relaxing benefits.

There are a number of shower designs using Katalyst technology that ensures all needs are met.

The RainCan is a simple, yet boldly stylish overhead shower in round or square configuration in a choice of 200mm and 250mm sizes. Designed to create a powerful, thoroughly enveloping shower experience its enhanced spray nozzle configuration delivers complete coverage with full, heavy water droplets.

The Round 200mm RainCan Katalyst showerhead

The Round 200mm RainCan Katalyst showerhead

The Rain Duet Shower Column is a good option for families, combining an overhead 200mm square or round showerhead with a handshower on a 1.5m hose. The latter is ideal for smaller children and hair washing.

Rain Duet featuring round Katalyst showerhead and hand-shower

Rain Duet featuring round Katalyst showerhead and hand-shower

And finally the Loure shower column. This new release shower column sports sleek, contemporary aesthetics combining a square, 250mm overhead showerhead with a hand-held shower wand.

The new release Loure shower column features a drenching overhead shower with a versatile hand-shower.

The new release Loure shower column features a drenching overhead shower with a versatile hand-shower.

All of the Katalyst showering tapware appliances listed above utilise Kohler’s air injection technology to deliver drenching, all-enveloping showers while using only 9 litres of water a minute (3 star WELS rating). Each is made of solid brass with Kohler’s tarnish and corrosion resistant polished chrome finish.

Kohler showering tapware