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The Kohler X Westin Heavenly Shower …

A global Five Star favourite with architects… and the planet!

It started as a quest to deliver a luxury shower experience that could not be found in any other hotel. It ended with a heavenly shower that is a favourite with commercial architects and designers around the world, for both its versatility and indulgent water delivery!

Kohler projects - Westin Brisbane

Westin Brisbane

Originally Westin Hotels and Resorts partnered with Kohler Co in the US to create the Westin Heavenly Shower II, a shower designed to enhance the guests experience with Kohler’s proprietary Katalyst Air showering technology, whilst remaining simple to install. The Heavenly Shower II is ultimately a luxury shower that combines a Katalyst Air-Induction Rainhead with a dual-function handshower – using just 7.5 litres of water a minute to create a highly indulgent rainshower/deluge experience. This shower saves the Westin hotel group in the US alone, 49,700 litres of hot water per room each year!

Kohler Rain Duet

Kohler’s HydroRail with Katalyst showering technology delivers luxurious, plump water droplets that retain the heat for longer.

Integral to the overall design of the Heavenly II showering experience is the ability to retrofit the appliance – it easily fits an existing supply elbow with fixed shower rose, without the need to alter in-wall plumbing, therefore negating the need to take the hotel room out of service.

HydroRail Showering Solution

The HydroRail showering solution ensures no behind-the-wall work or expense is required!

With a 3 star WELS rating and a reputation for delivering a luxurious ‘deluge’ experience, the Heavenly Shower II has become increasingly specified in hotels across the globe for its sheer versatility. Outside of the US the Westin Heavenly Shower II is known as the HydroRail and can be installed in many different configurations – from the HydroRail and overhead Katalyst RainCan to a myriad of handheld showerheads and shower arm options.

Kohler at William Inglis MGallery by Sofitel

Bathrooms at the William Inglis MGallery by Sofitel feature Kohler Heavenly showers and tapware in Brushed Bronze finish

The HydroRail shower column is available in three configurations – a slide bar, round column or square column. The HydroRail Shower has three main elements – the column, the overhead shower head and the handshower – but within these there are so many options that the hotel can customise its own showering installation. Examples include a simple HydroRail height-adjustable slide bar bracket with choice of handshower, or a HydroRail column (in round or square profile) with overhead Katalyst RainCan paired with one of the many handheld showerheads on offer.

Showerheads and handshowers are available in multiple profiles to be paired with the HydroRail, such as the RainCan overhead showerhead with Katalyst technology which is available in round or square format, in sizes ranging from 200mm to 250mm and 300mm. Handshowers are available in square, round and rectangular formats with and without Katalyst air-infused spray patterns.

RainCan Round 200mm

Offering the most innovative and advanced showering experiences in the world, the “Kohler Heavenly Shower” name is now used by local designers to describe all of the Kohler Katalyst Air shower offerings with various finishes and variable showering sprays – all sustainable options that save water without sacrificing comfort.

The Kohler Heavenly Shower II – bringing both customised design options and sustainability choices to hotels around the world – has most recently been installed throughout the new Westin Hotel in Brisbane and W Brisbane and the Royce Hotel in Melbourne and the premium suites at the  William Inglis M Gallery by Sofitel at Warwick Farm in Sydney.

Kohler W Brisbane

Showering configuration in Blackened Bronze at W Brisbane. Designer: Nic Graham & Associates


Kohler Projects - Royce Hotel

Presidential suite at Royce Hotel, Melbourne

For more information on Kohler’s Heavenly Shower Collection, please contact your Kohler Design Consultant, or email us at  AU_COMMERCIAL@KOHLER.COM

Discover the convergence of style and ingenuity in showering

Converge brings a new level of control – it’s the very latest in showering technology! This piece of ingenuity sees sleek design converge with space-saving smarts to create a truly multifunctional showerhead that features a cleverly integrated hand shower.

Converge Dual Showerhead

The 152mm diameter flat-faced showerhead is wall mounted and at first glance appears to be a simple, large format showerhead – but its exterior rim almost magically detaches from the magnetic docking station and becomes a very convenient, separate hand shower!

Converge Dual Showerhead

Converge, with its advanced spray engine, provides three powerful spray patterns while using only 9 litres of water a minute (WELS 3 star rated). The showerhead literally sculpts water!

Choose from the dense, luxurious Silk spray; or Infinity – three spray experiences in one (complete cleanse, refreshing massage and delicate rinse); or Full Coverage for a drenching, all encompassing spray.

In sleek polished chrome, Converge features a MasterClean™ spray face that simply wipes clean with a damp cloth, without any build-up of minerals. It also has Kohler’s premium finish to retain a long, enduring and unblemished polished chrome surface.

Converge, with its innovative 2-in-1 space-saving design is an exciting development for all those who love a luxurious, ultra-responsive shower but may have less space than they wish! The release of this product coincides with Kohler’s 145th anniversary – 145 years of ongoing revolutionary design and innovation for the bathroom.



The Katalyst for change in showering technology

Advanced water technology means we can all indulge in a drenching, luxurious, all-enveloping shower safe in the knowledge we are using less water than ever when showering!

Kohler, the US global design force in bathroom design and technology, is the brand behind the patented Katalyst showering technology.

A reconfigured sprayface and an air-injection mechanism create a super-indulgent ‘rainshower’ experience whereby the user receives even, wide coverage, without any wasteful overspray, regardless of the water pressure.

Katalyst showering - Exhale

The Exhale Showerhead offers 4 different shower spray options to suit your mood.

Katalyst technology introduces 2.2 litres of air into every 9.4 litres of water creating larger, fuller water droplets that retain heat longer**.

The fullness and force of the water spray emulates that of a heavy rain shower, courtesy in part to the redesign of the nozzles – larger diameter, different configuration and revised angle.

Kohler Rain Duet

Kohler’s Katalyst showering technology delivers luxurious, plump water droplets that retain the heat for longer.

The unique patented technology of Katalyst results in a better cleaning and hair rinsing performance – and an overall indulgent, luxurious experience.

And while the technology is high performance there are no visible changes to the showerhead’s exterior and no extra noise.

Katalyst showering - Exhale

The Exhale Shower comes with 4 different shower spray options – from Silk Spray for a gentle face wash to Drenching for a full showering experience.


Kohler Moxie Katalyst

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker also sports Katalyst Air Injected Technology.

Kohler’s Katalyst rainshower experience is available in a number of showering tapware options – wall and ceiling mounted showerheads plus showering columns.

Kohler Katalyst RainDuet

The Katalyst RainDuets come with Round or Square Rain Showerheads


Katalyst RainCan

The Kohler Katalyst RainCans come in square or round and two sizes – 200mm or 250mm.


Katalyst Moxie Showerhead

The Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes in 2 sizes – 125mm and 250mm

** Independent studies have shown each droplet is half a degree warmer as a result of Katalyst technology.

Kohler goes to Salone Del Mobile 2017

Last month, Kohler held a series of cocktail and dinner events in the prestigious Museo Bagatti Valsecchi in the heart of Milan during this year’s Salone del Mobile.

While guests were wowed by the historical setting, the real hero of each event was undeniably Kohler’s Real Rain Experience!

Kohler Real Rain

Kohler’s incredible new Real Rain showering experience.

Recognised as one of the first grand expressions of Milanese Design the grounds and interiors of the Museo were the perfect setting for the stunning installations of Kohler’s new Real Rain Showering technology together with its latest basin innovation – the Shagreen (stingray hide) Artist Editions basins.

Artist Editions

Kohler Artist Editions basins at Salone Del Mobile

Kohler’s Real Rain showering panel perfectly replicates the sight, sound and feel of real raindrops – and a large display of working models was ceiling-mounted in the Museo’s Loggia. The sight and sound of the Real Rain free fall of water was truly enhanced by the beautiful outdoor space and festive lighting of the Museo.

Kohler at Salone Del Mobile

The Museo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan during Salone Del Mobile 2017.

Inside, the Museo’s Grand Salon was the stunning location for a wall-mounted display of the Shagreen basins. Rising from a vertical green garden, designed by Milan-based landscape architect Derek Castiglioni, the textured appearance of the basins’ pebbled leather finish in Ebony Pearl and Oyster Pearl blurred the beauty of sea life with that of manmade artistry.

Kohler Shagreen Basins

A green wall of Kohler’s new Shagreen Basins at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi during Salone Del Mobile 2017

Designers, architects and journalists from around the world attended the events, including Australia’s own James Treble, interior designer,
television presenter and journalist.

James Treble (pictured left) with artist Sandro Nocentini

See Kohler at Salone del Mobile

Choosing the showerhead that’s right for you

Choosing the showerhead that’s right for you

Today there are so many water delivery options to choose from. Whether it’s gentle mist, a virtual deluge or if you want to shower out loud with music, leading global bathroomware innovator Kohler has a range of showerheads to suit your changing moods and needs.

Single function showerheads

If an easy to operate showerhead with incredible spray coverage is all you need, then a single function showerhead is the perfect choice.

The popular Rain Can showerheads feature Katalyst technology, delivering a thoroughly drenching shower experience. Using air induction technology, the showerhead infuses water with air to create complete coverage with a powerful, indulgent spray.

Kohler RainCan showerhead

Classically contemporary. Why have only one showerhead when you can have 6 or 7? The Kohler RainCan showerhead features centrestage.

Another alternative is the award-winning, music playing Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth technology. Showering will never be the same again once you’ve experienced the Moxie’s surprisingly extensive water coverage – coupled with your own personal showering playlist!

Kohler's Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead with wireless speaker pairs to any device

Kohler’s Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead with wireless speaker pairs to any device

Multifunction showerheads

Multifunction showerheads were designed to respond to your changing showering needs. Whether it’s an invigorating early morning shower, a relaxing evening shower or a massaging shower for any time of the day, the multifunction showers offer something for everyone.

Kohler’s Flipside – the only multifunction showerhead to feature Flipstream® technology – delivers four distinct sprays, each with its own dedicated sprayface. The showerhead spins easily ensuring you find a spray that suits your needs.

Kohler Flipside

Flipside: Four unique sprays – one flip action


Handshowers are a very popular choice with families and make a great alternative to wall or ceiling mounted showerheads. To enhance the functionality in your shower, install on a slide rail or bracket to accommodate a range of heights for all the family.
The Flipside or Omega are multifunction showerheads – offering the best of both worlds.

Rainheads and Bodysprays

Another unique option is Kohler rainheads and bodysprays – including WaterTile. Offering a range of hydrotherapy experiences, bodysprays can be positioned on the wall whilst the rainheads utilise the same Katalyst spray technology to deliver full, heavy water drops for a thoroughly drenching shower.

Kohler Watertiles

Kohler Watertiles – Showering panel, showerhead and panels

Kohler Watertile

Kohler’s Watertile body sprays

Kohler showerheads are WELS Rated 3 Star, delivering less than 9 litres per minute.